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Model 5470
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Model 6500
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Model 6650

Tips to combat work-related stress and enjoy your job

Work stress is an increasingly common psychosocial risk in our society and affects the physical and psychological welfare worker and organizational climate may deteriorate. According to the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) psychosocial risks arising from the deficiencies in the design, organization and management of work and a little social context … Continued

L-Protection ® Textile Anti-perforation Insole

If you have productive processes where you move on glass, nails or piercing objects we recommend the use of  the L-Protection ® Textile Anti-perforation Insole, which is made with materials that are more resistant than steel, the soles, are flexible, breathable and comfortable thanks to its reduced thickness, conforming to the shape of the feet’s … Continued