Electric Works line
Model 3150
Freezer Wear line
Model 6650
Sports line
Model 5600
Standard line
Model 4030
Supervisory line
Model 3500
Oil industry line
Model 4050

Analysis of occupational hazards

Occupational risk analysis is the process of estimating the magnitude of risks associated with work activities, obtaining the information necessary to identify the preventive measures that must be taken to reduce risks. According to LOPCYMAT, “risk” is defined as the probability of an unfavorable outcome as a result of exposure to an event that can … Continued

Management of prevention of occupational hazards

Risk prevention management is the set of activities and measures taken at all stages of business activity with the aim to ensure the safety and health of workers. Prevention management is the partial or total removal of the inherent risks in productive activity. Prevention should be done at the same time of designing the business … Continued