Electric Works line
Model 6500
Sports line
Model 5500
Freezer Wear line
Model 6650
Oil industry line
Model 4570
Supervisory line
Model 6830
Standard line
Model 2050

L-Protection ® Textile Anti-perforation Insole

If you have productive processes where you move on glass, nails or piercing objects we recommend the use of  the L-Protection ® Textile Anti-perforation Insole, which is made with materials that are more resistant than steel, the soles, are flexible, breathable and comfortable thanks to its reduced thickness, conforming to the shape of the feet’s … Continued

Risk Management Plan

After making risk assessments and depending on the results, proceed to create a preventive action plan to implement appropriate measures depending on: extent of the risk (probability and consequences) and prevalence (number of workers exposed) Planning is scheduled for a certain period of time, generally, it will be made depending on the needs, annual or … Continued